Catering Services

Essential Buffer Catering for the best Result

Above all, meet the caterers who attract you on a first date. Show them your wedding plan, your tastes and your expectations. They will be able to advise you and offer you a personalized quote adapted to your event. Indeed, a cocktail of 1h does not generate the same number of pieces, and therefore the same budget, a wine of honor of 2:30.

Study the map of caterers

Because each caterer has his own style, it is important to analyze the dishes he offers. Modern, exotic, traditional, innovative there is something for everyone. Opt for a wedding card that will attract you from cocktails to dessert! In addition, the origin of the products can also be an asset for some providers, think about it. The best interational buffer catering in Singapore is important here.

Proceed to the tasting

1stselection: check! We now go to the second round, with tastings. We advise you to compare 2 to 3 caterers at maximum in test meal. If you choose more, you will not be able to decide. During this tasting, you will be able to evaluate the quality of the products, the quantity on the plates and also the service of the butlers.

Dirty delicacies

Evaluate the service of your caterer

The number of servers present on D-Day is an important criterion to evaluate to choose your caterer. Whether there are 5 or 20 tables, guests enjoy eating at the same time. At the same time, the more waiters at your wedding, the more the meal will keep a consistent pace and end at a reasonable time. We recommend an average of one server for 20 people for optimal service.

The management of drinks

Most caterers offer their soft drinks, wines and champagne, which you can taste. Practice, is not it? Check that the package is included in the quote. However, if you prefer to choose and bring your own drinks, it’s all to your credit! In this case, make sure that your caterer does not ask for a corkage fee for serving your spirits. The budget of your wedding could feel the consequences.

There can be corporate birthday party, a wedding or a company cocktail. All events requiring the services of a caterer.But how to choose among all the offers that flood the market? What criteria to retain? Here are some good tips to choose your caterer and succeed in organizing your reception.

Catering: choose according to the type of event

Choosing a good caterer is not easy especially if you have no experience in catering or events. Fortunately, following a few rules, you avoid hiccups and unpleasant surprises.

Before even contacting a caterer, it is up to you to define the type of event and the associated theme if needed that you want to organize. Is it a formal reception or a relaxing evening? Depending on the answer, you will already have a first track to guide your choice.